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Step into the future of film pitching with NuPitch’s comprehensive features. Designed by film professionals, for film professionals.


Unlock Your Storytelling Potential

Unmatched Creativity and Collaboration

Unleash your narrative like never before. Whether you’re crafting an indie gem or spearheading a blockbuster, NuPitch’s robust media library, AI-driven content creation, and intuitive interface set the stage for your vision. Share your unique voice through pitch decks that resonate with audiences and investors alike. Imagine a workspace where ideas flow without barriers – that’s NuPitch. Real-time collaboration brings your team together, no matter the distance. Script analysis, budgeting tools, and film comparables stand ready to refine your pitch and elevate your project.

User and Agency Accounts

Tailored Access for Every Team Size – Craft singular stories or manage an entire studio’s portfolio with customized user and agency accounts.

Fast Loading Slide Decks

Instant Clarity, Zero Wait Time – Experience lightning-fast loading for seamless pitch transitions that keep investors engaged.

Slide Deck Template Library

Pitch Perfect Templates – Jumpstart your creative process with our extensive slide deck template library, designed for impact.

Detailed Analytics

Insights That Drive Decisions – Make informed tweaks to your pitch with analytics that detail audience engagement.

Media Library

Curated Visuals at Your Fingertips – Immerse your audience with a rich media library that brings your pitch to life.

Element Animations

Dynamics That Dazzle – Add a layer of sophistication with smooth animations that elevate every element of your pitch.

Tech Crafted for Creatives

Seamless Experience, Endless Possibilities

NuPitch isn’t just a tool; it’s your creative partner. With features like fast-loading slide decks, element animations, and media editing capabilities, you maintain the creative flow from brainstorming to the boardroom. Our mobile-first design means your pitch travels with you, from seaside scripts in Malta to the editing rooms of Dublin.

Film Comparables

Market Insights at Your Service – Gauge your project’s potential with film comparables that set realistic expectations.

Budgeting Assistant

Financial Foresight – Plan your production’s budget with an intelligent assistant that crunches numbers so you don’t have to.

Private Projects

Confidentiality, Guaranteed – Keep your projects private with secure settings that put you in control of who sees what.

AI Assisted

AI That Amplifies Your Art – Let our AI give your content a competitive edge with automated enhancements that make every pitch pop.

Script Analysis

Script Insights, Instantly – Upload your script for an in-depth analysis that aligns your pitch with your screenplay.

Media Editing

Edit with Elegance – Perfect your visuals directly within NuPitch for a seamless editing experience.

Pitch with Confidence

Impress investors with ease

Crafted by filmmakers with over 30 years of industry experience, NuPitch is your professional partner in the art of persuasion. Pitching your next film project should feel like the beginning of an epic journey. With NuPitch, it does. Get started today and see where your story takes you.

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