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A film pitch deck is a visual presentation used to summarize and sell a movie concept to potential investors and studios.

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A compelling film pitch deck is essential for getting a movie made in today’s competitive landscape. The deck serves as your sales tool to achieve several important goals.

The pitch deck is your opportunity to showcase the viability of your film and why it’s worthy of support. An effective deck is vital for taking a movie concept and turning it into a tangible, financed project ready for the screen.


Concisely convey the story, tone, and visual approach to bring your creative vision to life.


Persuasively make the case for why your project deserves financing and distribution.


Establish credibility by highlighting your team's credentials and past successes.


Attract crucial investments and partnerships to secure the budget you need.


Generate excitement and buzz to build momentum as you shop the project for studios and financiers.

track record

Prove your capability : display your teams credentials and track record to instill confidence.

Who are we?

Nupitch offers a streamlined platform for filmmakers to easily build stunning pitch decks. The goal is to empower creators to produce polished, professional presentations that bring their visions to the screen.

Craft compelling narratives like synopses, loglines, and taglines

Map out critical elements like budget, financing, schedule

Convey tone and style

Curate visual assets like titles and images

Profile talent and locations

Highlight credentials of key cast and crew

By centralizing all these pitch deck components in one intuitive interface, Nupitch aims to help filmmakers successfully share their stories, impress audiences, and accelerate getting their films made. The service enables creators to strategically showcase the projects for financing and distribution more efficiently than ever.

Example Projects

Here are some example projects that use NuPitch


Based on our market research and discussions with testers, here are the most frequently asked questions. If what you’re looking for does not appear here, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly via our contact form.

NuPitch is a mobile application designed to assist filmmakers in creating compelling pitch decks for their film and TV projects.

NuPitch simplifies the process of creating pitch decks, making it easier for filmmakers to attract investors and collaborators by presenting their projects professionally.

We’re currently in closed beta for the NuPitch app. Please sign up to our waiting list. We’re rolling out access in batches.

Yes, NuPitch is designed to be versatile and can be used by both independent filmmakers and those working with larger studios.

There will be two tiers available, there is a Free version available to all students, a Pro version for professionals and an Agency version which require annual  subscriptions. For further details, see our pricing page.

NuPitch offers features such as customizable templates, AI-driven content suggestions,
financial projection tools, real-time collaboration, and multimedia integration.

Yes, on the Professional plan you can see all the statistics (such as how many views, when, for how long and in which regions) in your dashboard.

Yes, NuPitch is available for both iOS and Android platforms as a webapp for now.

Users have the option to use AI when creating or editing their pitch decks.

Yes, NuPitch provides templates and content suggestions tailored to various film genres, ensuring your pitch deck is relevant to your project.

NuPitch is user-friendly and caters to filmmakers of all experience levels. Novices can use templates, while experienced filmmakers can customize their decks extensively.

Yes, NuPitch takes data security seriously and employs encryption and other security measures to protect your information.

NuPitch offers both free and premium subscription plans. The free version provides basic features and retains a NuPitch watermark on all pitch decks published, while the premium plan offers advanced tools and customization options. See pricing page for more information.

This feature is on our roadmap. NuPitch will facilitate real-time collaboration, allowing you to work with team members, partners, or investors to create and refine your pitch deck. 

Yes, NuPitch allows you to export your pitch deck in various formats, making it easy to present and share with potential investors.

Yes, NuPitch provides educational content and tips to help users create compelling pitch decks and improve their chances of securing funding.

Yes, NuPitch is regularly updated to enhance user experience and provide new features based on user feedback.

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